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In addition to the areas of water management and medical technology, our products have also long been convincing in the field of industry. We have been supporting and advising our customers for more than 40 years with a high degree of competence, experience and customer orientation. With us you can realize your visions!

In the areas of automotive and special plant construction, bg edelstahl offers everything that you as a customer require for your industry: fast production – made to measure if desired -, reliability, adherence to schedules and the careful execution of all work!

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Our quality in product development and stainless steel products convinces in the industrial sector!

In the area of CAD design, we accompany you with individual solutions for your industry: Products can be digitally generated and transferred into data models with the help of data and properties. Furthermore, virtual prototypes allow an effective and cost-efficient execution of quality tests on products. With 3D CAD design, your product development will be significantly more productive and profitable. Trust in our competence and rely on the high service quality of bg edelstahl.

In the automotive and special plant engineering sectors, bg edelstahl industrial products made of stainless steel are convincing. The stainless steel grades most frequently used in industry are 1.4301 (V2A stainless steel) and 1.4571 (V4A stainless steel). With these, all the advantages of stainless steel products are used in industry: From corrosion protection to acid resistance to ease of maintenance.

A brief overview of the two stainless steel grades illustrates the differences and thus the various main applications in industry:

Stainless steel 1.4301 (V2A)

The corrosion resistance is limited and therefore only suitable for applications with low and moderate corrosive stress. Application should not be near salt water, marine and coastal areas.

Resistance to chemicals is also limited. In some circumstances, this stainless steel may even be sensitive to normal household cleaners, making it impossible to use in many industrial areas.

Cleaning should be done with clean water only. Detergents (chemicals) may affect the functioning of the metal.

This stainless steel is only recommended for industrial areas with low or moderate contamination and therefore only for normal hygiene requirements.

Stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A)

The corrosion resistance of V4A is very high. This stainless steel is resistant even in areas of application with strong corrosive stress. This stainless steel is also resistant to aggressive chemicals.

Cleaning can be done with water as well as with detergents (also with high chemical efficiency).

This stainless steel is mandatory in all areas with high hygiene requirements, for example in the industrial areas of food production and medical technology.

With bg edelstahl to the industrial solutions that meet your requirements!

The automotive and special plant engineering industries are demanding in terms of the materials to be used. Therefore, all our products naturally comply with the legally prescribed standards and guidelines.
Our experienced team implements your specific requirements: Whether with high-quality stainless steel products for the automotive and special plant engineering sectors or with the selection of the appropriate program in the area of CAD design, with which we meet your individual requirements and orient ourselves to your industry environment. You can rely on our solutions!
Do you have questions about our stainless steel products, about an individual production or about our competences in the field of CAD design?

We will advise you competently and will be happy to help you! Please use our contact form or give us a call.


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