RWE awards environmental prize to hedge protector, woodworm and stainless steel forge

The RWE Climate Protection Prize was awarded to (front, from left)
farmer Theo Schürmann, woodworker Ralf Zielonka, Patrick and
Peter Barselak from BG Edelstahltechnik GmbH.
Mayor Achim Menge presented the award to (back, from left)
Maria Allnoch, Sandra Bonnemeier and Willi Alfs the certificates.
Photo: Urbaniak

The bugs are allowed to crawl in Theo Schürmann’s hedges. Ralf Zielonka does not throw away the sawdust from his “wood forge”. Barselaks do not treat their stainless steel with environmentally harmful substances. They are all climate protectors! They have now received an award from RWE for this.

The energy supplier awards the Climate Protection Prize to those who have set up a project that serves nature and the environment. This time we were even able to choose,” says Willi Alfs, head of the VHS and the Climate Protection Prize jury, delightedly. Not only the usual suspects applied, but also new candidates. In this respect, ideas were specifically selected that reconcile economy and ecology. The company bg Edelstahltechnik GmbH in Rapen, for example, which received 1,200 euros for first place, makes its money among other things by manufacturing stainless steel stairs in such a way that environmentally harmful substances do not have to be used in their production.

Peter Barselak (68) and his son Patrick (37) want to donate the prize money: Half to the animal protection association OE, the other half is to go to a kindergarten.
By Tamina Urbaniak