Bedpan disinfection units

euroMAT series: Bedpan disinfection units and disinfection units For cleaning and thermal disinfection of all necessary patient care utensils in a single work process. In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, clinical reusable products are cleaned and disinfected using cleaning and disinfection units. Bedpan disinfectors of the euroMAT series are […]

Surgical scrub station

The surgical scrub station for the highest demands! For more than 40 years, we have been offering hygienic quality made of stainless steel with our surgical scrub stations in the medical technology sector. We are successful as a family business with a high degree of customer orientation in human medical technology. The demands of hospitals, […]

Medical technology service

Spare partsbg- edelstahltechnik gmbh can supply their customers with spare parts and accessories such as Steckuron, rinse impellers, plug-in appliances, door springs, valves and much more for bedpan disinfection units of the Be+We and BEW brands within 24 hours if the parts and accessories are in stock. MaintenanceUpon request, we will carry out maintenance work […]

Medical Technology

Medical technology for highest demands! In the field of medical technology, we have been offering high-quality medical products in stainless steel for over 40 years. Our family business has been successful in human medical technology with a high degree of customer orientation and customized solutions. The demands of hospitals, staff and patients in this field […]

Medical furniture

Medical furniture bg cabinet range Tall cabinets Base cabinets Shelving units and top-mounted cabinets (structurally identical) Shelving systems Pass-through cabinets Clinical cabinets are available in:  ISO measurement grid Euro measurement grid The measurement grid for the cabinets corresponds to DIN standard 13089. Stainless steel – material thickness 1.0 mm tension-free quality, brushed stainless steel surface. […]


euroMATIC Liquid The family of liquids for bedpan flushers shows us the original euroMATIC ph neutral and euroMATIC ph acidic. The balanced formula of euroMATIC protects your technology around the clock. euroMATIC ph neutral can be used up to a water hardness of 12 ° dH and euroMATIC ph acidic can be used up to […]