Bedpan disinfection units

euroMAT series: Bedpan disinfection units and disinfection units

For cleaning and thermal disinfection of all necessary patient care utensils in a single work process.

In order to keep the risk of infection as low as possible, clinical reusable products are cleaned and disinfected using cleaning and disinfection units.

Bedpan disinfectors of the euroMAT series are used for safe and hygienic cleaning and thermal disinfection of bedpans, urine bottles, washbowls and commodes.

euroMAT pro

The euroMAT pro. The unit for special demands.
Verifiably safe cleaning results with an A0 value of up to 3000, even for patient care utensils categorised as critical.

euroMAT basic

The euroMAT basic. With the A0 value specification 600, patient care utensils, that are categorised as a non-critical or semi-critical medical product, can be properly prepared.

euroMAT light

DThe particularly cost-effective alternative. Preset A0 value 600,
cannot be changed.
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Bedpan disinfectors of the euroMAT series!

The euroMAT series bedpan washers are cleaning and disinfection devices in a class of their own. Suitable for cleaning and thermal disinfection of all necessary patient utensils in one operation.

The risk of infectious diseases caused by infection with pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and parasites, requires optimized hygiene processes in hospitals and nursing and retirement homes.

To prevent nosocomial infections and to prevent the further spread of diseases, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends thermal disinfection – e.g., with bedpan rinsers – as the method of first choice in the context of hygiene requirements for the reprocessing of medical devices.

Thermal disinfection is considered the safest method for reprocessing and decontaminating bedpans, urine bottles and bedside buckets and is required by all currently valid guidelines and recommendations.

A high standard of hygiene in the facility keeps the risk of infection low and protects patients and nursing staff alike.

With the use of euroMAT bedpan washers you achieve hygienic safety through thermal disinfection!

Thermal disinfection by a bedpan washer is a method of disinfection based on strong heating of the objects to be disinfected (e.g., nursing utensils such as bedpans and urine bottles). Thermal disinfection reduces the bacterial count to a level that makes infection unlikely. During thermal disinfection in a washer-disinfector such as the euroMAT bedpan washer, heat is used to disinfect the objects to be disinfected over a specified holding time (the time window during which the temperature is kept constant). The measure of the effect on the pathogenic germs is represented by the so-called A0 value (as a function of temperature and time).

The A0-value as a benchmark for thermal disinfection with a bedpan disinfector!

The A0-value is the benchmark for the intensity of thermal disinfection (e.g. with a bedpan flusher) and thus for the inactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. For optimal adaptation to the requirements of each facility, the A0 value can be set on the euroMAT bedpan rinsing units depending on the model and according to requirements. With an A0-value of 600 to 3000, care utensils classified as medical products from non-critical to critical can be properly reprocessed.


The euroMAT bedpan disinfectors convince with efficiency and user comfort!

The plug-in bowl washers of the device series euroMAT offer an assured thermal disinfection based on A0 values and impress with high user comfort and high-quality components. The euroMAT series bedpan washers stand for hygiene without compromise!

euroMAT – pro

The bedpan washer for special requirements. Proven safe rinsing results with an A0 value of up to 3000. Can also be used for nursing tableware that must be classified as critical.

euroMAT – basic

The bedpan rinser with the A0 value specification 600 can properly reprocess nursing tableware that is classified as a medical device from non-critical to semi-critical and has various cleaning programs.

euroMAT – light

The euroMAT series bedpan washer with a preset A0 value of 600 is the cost-effective alternative for facilities that can adequately disinfect care ware with an A0 value of 600.

All euroMAT series bedpan washers are made entirely of high-quality stainless steel and have no galvanic elements. The efficiency in cleaning and the elimination of germs is caused solely by the combination of water, steam and UVC rays.

All devices comply with DIN EN ISO 15883 and are TÜV tested. As a manufacturer, we are DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

All bedpan rinsing devices are manufactured to customer specifications, delivered and reliably assembled by our technicians.

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