euroMAT light

The euroMAT light Bedpan disinfection unit the cost-effective alternative!

The euroMAT light bedpan washer from the euroMAT series is a reliable and cost-effective cleaning and disinfection device. It is suitable for cleaning and thermal disinfection of all patient utensils such as bedpans, urine bottles and bedside buckets in one operation. Infection with pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and parasites poses a risk of infectious diseases, especially in hospitals, nursing homes and homes for the elderly. This means that in human medical technology, the demands of healthcare facilities, staff and patients for optimum hygiene processes are becoming ever higher. To keep infection risk as low as possible, clinical reusables are cleaned and disinfected using washer-disinfectors (WDs).

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends thermal disinfection when reprocessing medical devices to prevent nosocomial infections and, to prevent the further spread of disease. For reprocessing and decontamination, thermal disinfection, e.g. with the euroMAT light bedpan rinser, is considered the safest method.

Reduce the risk of infection and protect your nursing staff and the patients in your facility by maintaining a high standard of hygiene!

You can find all the equipment features and information on the euroMAT pro in the PDF brochure (click on the PDF icon)


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More hygiene safety thanks to thermal disinfection with the euroMAT light bedpan washer!

The disinfection method of the euroMAT light bedpan rinser is based on the strong heating of the objects to be disinfected, i.e. on thermal disinfection. The germ count of the objects is reduced to such an extent that infection and thus further spread of the germs are unlikely. Over the duration of the holding time (the time window with a constant high temperature), the object to be disinfected is disinfected with heat.

The euroMAT light bedpan washer convinces with efficiency, a high user comfort and a particularly favorable price!

The bedpan washer model euroMAT light offers thermal disinfection based on A0 values and stands for perfect hygiene!

The model euroMAT light consists exclusively of high-quality components. Thus, it is made entirely of high quality stainless steel and has no galvanic elements. The efficient cleaning and the elimination of germs is brought about solely by the combination of water, steam and UVC rays.

The euroMAT light bedpan washer has a preset, non-changeable A0 value of 600, making it a cost-effective alternative for facilities that can sufficiently disinfect the care dishes with an A0 value of 600.

Various accessories such as. Washbasin, a WC system, a stand-up sink, base cabinets, wall cabinets, storage systems, worktops, basins and panels can be combined individually according to your wishes in the euroMAT pro and euroMAT basic models of the euroMAT series. For these models (euroMAT pro and euroMAT basic), we also offer different designs as an option. These Steckbeckenenspüler models are available as a stand-alone unit, as an under-sink unit and as a high unit.

To protect the technology, we have the Liquid euroMATIC, euroMATIC pH acid or Steckuron available. Thus, the technology of the bedpan rinsing device is protected around the clock.

All bedpan rinsing devices are delivered on customer request and assembled by our technicians.

All devices naturally meet the DIN EN ISO 15883. This standard regulates the requirements for washer-disinfectors in terms of safety, hygienic operation and traceable performance. All units are also TÜV tested. As a manufacturer of the euroMAT series, we are DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.


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