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Discover the euroMAT pro bedpan disinfector!

The euroMAT pro bedpan disinfector It is suitable for cleaning and thermal disinfection of all patient utensils such as bedpans, urine bottles and bedside buckets in a single operation. Infection with pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and parasites poses a risk of infectious diseases. This requires optimized hygiene processes in nursing homes, homes for the elderly and hospitals.

To prevent these nosocomial infections and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also recommends thermal disinfection, as the most suitable procedure, when reprocessing medical devices.

For reprocessing and decontamination, thermal disinfection, e.g. with the euroMAT pro bedpan rinsing device, is currently considered the safest procedure. It is required as standard by all valid guidelines and recommendations. A high standard of hygiene in your facility reduces the risk of infection and thus protects patients and nursing staff!

All equipment features and information about the euroMAT pro can be found in the pdf-brochure (click on the PDF-icon)

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With the euroMAT pro bedpan disinfector for more hygiene safety through thermal disinfection!

Thermal disinfection by means of the euroMAT pro bedpan disinfector is a disinfection method based on the strong heating of the objects to be disinfected. The germ count is reduced to a level that makes infection unlikely. During thermal disinfection with the euroMAT pro bedpan washer, the object to be disinfected is disinfected with heat over a certain holding time (the time window with a constant temperature). The measure of the effect on the pathogenic germs to be considered is represented by the so-called A0 value (as a function of temperature and time).

The euroMAT pro bedpan disinfector convinces with a high user comfort and efficiency!

The bedpan disinfector euroMAT pro offers a secured thermal disinfection based on A0 values and stands for hygiene without compromise!

It impresses with a high user comfort and high-quality components. It works very economically and saves you a lot of maintenance, as the device has an integrated function of self-cleaning.

The euroMAT pro bedpan washer is made entirely of high quality stainless steel and has no galvanic elements. The efficiency in cleaning and the elimination of germs is achieved solely through the combination of water, steam and UVC rays.

With the euroMAT pro, an A0 value of up to 3000 can be achieved. This enables documentable cleaning and disinfection of care utensils that must be classified as critical as a medical device. For optimal adaptation to the requirements of your facility, the A0 value can be adjusted as needed in the euroMAT pro bedpan washers.

The euroMAT pro can also be combined with numerous accessories. You have a choice of washbasins, a WC system, a pedestal sink, base cabinets, wall cabinets, storage systems, worktops, basins and fascia boards. And of course, an individual combination of different accessories is also possible entirely according to your wishes.

In addition, the euroMAT pro gives you the choice between different designs: The plug-in basin flusher for special requirements is available as a stand-alone unit, as an under-sink unit as well as a high-level unit.

The Liquid euroMATIC, euroMATIC pH acid or Steckuron is available to us as technology protection. The Steckbeck Spülgerät technology is thus secured around the clock.

The delivery of the Steckbeck Spülgeräte takes place on customer request and the assembly is carried out by our technicians.

All devices of course meet the DIN EN ISO 15883 and are TÜV tested. As the manufacturer of the euroMAT series, we are DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.


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